My Approach

I am a natural light on location photo-journalist photographer. I strive to capture you and your family just as you are…puddle jumping, tutu wearing, treat bribing awesome! I encourage you to let your son bring his favorite truck or allow your little princess to wear her tiara…these phases pass so fast and now is their time to shine. I want everyone to be themselves in all their glory. This is a celebration of life, a celebration of what’s going on right now and most important a celebration of you!

I will not spend my time posing your children begging them to look at the camera for the “perfect” shot and please don’t ask me to. Instead we will interact and play, I will learn about what makes them happy and we will focus on the relationships that make your children and your family special. Memories are created every single moment of every single day I am just taking out a little time to document them.