My Life

This is me!

  • I have two beautiful children(see daughter above) that are my everything.
  • I am happily married to a man I've known since jr. high.
  • I am adopted and truly love my unique hand chosen family.
  • I love the color blue, any shade.
  • I truly enjoy watching the stars on a warm summer night.
  • I love the idea of love and am a hopeless romantic.
  • I hate being cold. ALOT.
  • I am inspired by life.
  • I love the simplicity photography provides and the innocence it effortlessly captures.
  • I want to make a difference in this world, even if it's a small one.
  • I crave adventure and finally accomplished my dream of skydiving in June 2010.
  • I am super competitive in sports and love memorizing pro- sports statistics.
  • I can recite all the presidents in order of term.
  • I love meeting new people and visiting new places.